What's Inside

wotech tank inside

1. High Quality Heating Element

Offers superior heating performance with extended life span and minimum energy loss by using incoloy element.

2. Heavy Gauge Tank

Made by ultra thick super cold-rolled steel plate (SPCC) with 2mm thickness.

3. Blue Diamond Enamel Coating

All products are using ultimate protection against rust and corrosion. Blue Diamond layer (0.5mm) provides several times corrossion resistance compared to standard inner tank designs.

4. Heavy Duty Resistor Anode Rod

Ultimate steel core resistor anode provide double ultra protection against rust and corrosion to Blue Diamond inner tank.

5. High Density Insulation Material

High density Poly Urethane foam with CFC free provide complete protection for heatloss (25mm thickness). It will keep the heat in tank for 24 hours with only 1-3˚C drop.

6. WaterTubes With Whirflow 2

The Whirflow 2 ensures water more even water spreader by reducing direct mixing between hot & cold water for faster heating and maximum energy saving effect. A further imporovement on classica whirflow design with 10% more hot water output.

7. Thermal Cut-Out

The Sensor will cut off electrical power when the water reach more than 100˚C to guarantee safety of users.

8. Pressure & Temperature Safety Valve

Pressure and temperature safety valve will automatically relieves and discharges water when the temperature or pressure over the presset limit. It will give 90˚C for temperature protection and up to 0.8 MPa (8 Bar) pressure proctection.

9. Special Glass-lined Coating for Water Inlet / Outlet

Extra care to corrosion protection and water quality for maximizing lifespan of inner tank.

10. Adjustable Temperature

‘One-Button’ pilot design with built-in thermostat, allows temperature setting between 25˚C up to 75˚C.

11. Temperature Meter

External temperature meter provide water temperature in tank.

12. Easy Maintenance Tank

Flange with 5 bolts system provides easy maintenance when necessary.

13. Triple Power Input

Flexible power selections for energy saving according to user’s need.